Chrysler 300M Problem Report

Chrysler 300M Poor Heat Output and/or Engine Overheating

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Poor output from the heater and/or engine overheating can be caused by air left in the cooling system after the cooling system has been serviced. Our technicians tell us the proper coolant fill procedure should be used to prevent this problem from occurring.

a/c works fine, no warm air any suggestions. -
heating up engine water coming back threw resv drain hole -
low heat output and the engine overheats. Replaced water pump, radiator, fans and still over heats -
Car begins to overheat but will level out if I slow down and keep the heat on full blast. There hasn't been any leaking that I have found. Antifreeze is full and fresh. Problem had yet to be solved -
i did the head gasket , replace water pump,radiator,thermostat,coolan sensor and the anteefreze start boiling after 5 minutes -
purged cooling system to replace radiator. Since doing so engine overheats immediately upon starting. Temperature gauge on panel says in normal operating range. New gauge shows going over 200 degrees? Lower radiator hose doesnt get hot till 190 degrees. Replaced thermostat and original temp sensor. have not yet figured out what to do. -
engine overheating without notice. temp gauge does not reflect overheating. -
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