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I would also like to know the location of the fuel filter and the fuel pump. My car has no power and is blowing white smoke, its hard to start and when you push on the gas pedal it misses and stalls out
I just bought a manual transmission, 2006 Vibe. The clutch engages at about 1/2" from the floor. Is this normal? It seems low. My daughter can drive it but I (I have been driving manual xmission all my life ahah) have...
Nothing hanging or appears to be broken. is there a flex joint? or belt? that could break. Or a solenoid that can be checked
My gas mileage is down 30%. It's not because of the winter weather as it has been doing this slowly since September. Also, I don't have as much juice when I hit gas. Feels slower and the RPM's go up. It has been h...
Engine light is on, smoke comes out exhaust pipe when started up, it acts like it is going to stop in the middle of rode and blows out smoke and sputters!!! Have an appointment on Jan. 5th for a possible fix, but don'...
after replacing all four coil packs and sparks plugs my car is still running rough and shaking as well as missing.I was told the coil pack was burning up my spark plugs
this pole is additional to the taller on top of the vibe.is common to 2006 models but not all 06 models have it
could it be plugged or how do you test to see if is working
is it done from outside or from inside the panel on hatch door
The air bag light is now on. The insurance company says the collision could not have caused it. The code says bad module. Is this possible. They also say the passager air bag is turned off. I do not not remember doing...
The vehicle does have just under 120k miles, was averaging 33 mpg just 8 months ago, and now get 28 mpg. The oil is changed every 3k miles, tires kept at proper psi, just had the transmission serviced.
Is all this necessary? The car's gas mileage has decreased by 10% in the last 6 months.
There is no heat in the car when I am standing still just when the car is moving. What do you think is the problem?