Fuses were checked, blower motor worked with direct line from battery, installed new control panel.

Car got wrecked the air bags deployed and now ignition when u put key in just slides it doesnt act like it turning over or click or anything does it just need new ignition switch where key is?

37,000 miles,, drives,steers,brakes,good,,, no other noise or concerns

Engine turns over but like it won't fire up.

they burnt out.

My mechanic says its a worked out bolt

My mechanic told me it was a worn out bolt or is it a heater relay?

05 Vibe AWD 100k miles...running good EXCEPT now have CLICKING-RATCHETING noise coming from drivetrain. Directly correlates with speed...but faster rotation than wheel rotation rate, so thinking it's coming from Driveshaft back to Rear Diff. Also, the clicking sometimes goes away (started to get it checked THEN it disappeared for 4 months ? THEN it came back). Thinking it might be Carrier bearing (which contains ball bearings, not pinions) OR....could it be coming from Rear Differential ? Vibe (Matrix) AWD system is Viscous Coupling...but not sure exactly how that works...IS THERE SOME KIND OF GEARING PROCESS THAT MIGHT BE CAUSING THE RATCHETING NOISE wherein the Viscous Coupling is not engaging ? Sound seems to coming from
mid-ship...not Front or Rear. (I don't believe it is a front CV joint. (yes I understand that noises, especially metal can be transferred and disquise the origin) I'm just wondering IF anyone has ever experienced this noise ? (I've had it up on the rack during recent Trans Fluid change...but noticed NOTHING out of sorts...and IF try running while on could trigger warning system...which would then have to be reset by dealer ?) Vibe shifts out I don't think it's transmission issue. Thanks for ANY FEEDBACK !

my engine light is on. the car is running fine and light keeps coming back on? fuel pump is replaced already.

The other proformance is as usual.

I don't see that listed among the repairs and wondered what another name could be for this. I'd like to know if I was over-charged. I know it was an emissions code. Thanks!