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My mechanic told me it was a worn out bolt or is it a heater relay?
05 Vibe AWD 100k miles...running good EXCEPT now have CLICKING-RATCHETING noise coming from drivetrain. Directly correlates with speed...but faster rotation than wheel rotation rate, so thinking it's coming from Drive...
my engine light is on. the car is running fine and light keeps coming back on? fuel pump is replaced already.
I don't see that listed among the repairs and wondered what another name could be for this. I'd like to know if I was over-charged. I know it was an emissions code. Thanks!
My kid used my car last night and this morning the battery is dead. I'm thinking he may have messed with the dome light switch and it was on all night. What position should the switch be in normally? It is currently s...
comes on and off at the same time then off.Then again no beeps if seat is not on what could be the problem thnx.
to only do this when the engine is idleing.I've flushed the radiator and filled it with new coolant.Still no change.Any advice?
ECM was replaced as part of the recall 2-3 Years ago. Car will not start after running for a few minutes. All interior lights & radio come on. When turn ignition on everything shuts off...Battery Light, Check Engine &...