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Turns over strong, when I turn key over without cranking the rpms jump up and down between 2 an 3... seems electrical any ideas?
?what causes 0420 not 2 clear after shop redid intake manifold gasket. ? Oxygen censer? Or cat. Converter replacement ?
?can b gas cap, vac leak,e-vap can. O2 senser cat.converter all possible causes. Smoke test ONLY way 2 KNOW?
The indicator light on the dash is also on. I've checked all door switches to be sure they are functioning correctly. When the doors are closed the key fob will still lock the doors indicating that the door switches...
My keyless entry fob and door switch only seems to be working on the passenger side doors and rear hatch. It won't unlock. Or its at least sporadic. Both rear and front driver's side door have same sporadic issue. ...
Recently had the cat. converter replaced. What are your thoughts?
Had oil changed 2 months ago. All of a sudden it blew off when I started the engine. It tightens up but blows off again. Threads look OK. Can engine build up that much pressure ?
Exterior lights work but none of the interior gauges light up. Speedometer, fuel and so forth. We already had the fuses checked and told by mechanic that this was not the problem. Any ideas?
it whines but no dimming of my lights or anything, an my rpms I have with it dropping an making my car have a jerking when I am sitting still, or until my temp gauge reaches between the hot an cold temp.
as soon as I reach 60 mph, otherwise it feels fine.
When I drive from Palm Springs to Yucca Vally - steep hill - my check engine light comes on when I start back down the hill. The light stays on for 2-3 days then goes off. I took it to mechanic once but the light was ...
Blower motor stopped working. Have not pulled it to test it yet. It was suggested to me that a Relay may be the problem. I cannot find if and where this relay is located. It's not in the under-dash drivers side fuse b...
The car began running very loud especially when started and whenever I hit the accelerator. The car is easily 2x louder than normal. It seems to drive okay, but I haven't taken it very far since the noise started. No ...
trouble shoot why we have to keep replacing coils. They are charging us a LOT to replace the valve cover.