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I can turn the van on but when I tried to put it in gear the handle was very loose and it will not catch. I was told that the bolt was missing from under the hood that holds it. Help
almost acts like its binding up......HELP
Sometimes works sometimes doesn't. The wipers always work on high but only sometimes on low or mist. Washer pump sometimes goes along with the blades and often doesn't. Garage says needs new switch assembly but no lon...
The repair is costly for this vehicle. Is it possible to keep an eye on the coolant overflow tank and just keep adding coolant if the leak is slow? This vehicle is a good runner, but it is old. I intend on buying a...
Can anyone tell me what the cost (including labor) is for one axle seal replacement on a Pontiac Transport?
I was told that the cost was in the higher end because it is a difficult and time-consuming job to replace the radiator of these cars.
this valve operates by vacuum when the air conditioning is on to shut the flow of water in order to maximize the air conditioning
The fan on the front of the raditor does not come on. Ive tested to see if power was comming to it and there was none. ive checked the wires and they are fine. Could it be a relay? and where would it be located?
What is the proceedure to replace the wiper pulse module on a 1996 pontiac transport>
if you turn the key to the start position the computor has power if you turn it a notch further to start the pcm shuts down I was driving the van and the dash flashed lights and van quit and wont start
how to drain oil
how do I remove the front door handle? it broke and I cannot open it from the outside and would like to replace it. thanks any info would be appreciated
where are the cooling fan relays on the 96 trans sport?