idles rough taken to a garage they think it needs a new computer

My car isn't starting due to not having compression, I replaced the starter and battery it sounds like it wants to start but isn't going all the way through.

where is emergency gear shift lever release? It should be on center console but I can't find it

it should be someplace on center console but i cna't find it

Shifter can move but nothing happens car stays in park and just revs when I push the gas.

also temp and fuel gages to stop working and all warning lights to come on when this happens only tac gage works.

at low speed, under 20 mph? how to fix the speed odm and light diming issue, when at night dash lights and head lights will go dim and all gages fail except RPM.

how do I reset the sped odm,at night both dash and head lights go dim and all warning dash lights come on also lose fuel and tem gage.