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Shifter can move but nothing happens car stays in park and just revs when I push the gas.
also temp and fuel gages to stop working and all warning lights to come on when this happens only tac gage works.
at low speed, under 20 mph? how to fix the speed odm and light diming issue, when at night dash lights and head lights will go dim and all gages fail except RPM.
how do I reset the sped odm,at night both dash and head lights go dim and all warning dash lights come on also lose fuel and tem gage.
where do you disconnect dash wire harness at under the hood. when driving lose temp and fuel gage all warning lights come on,RPM is nonly working gage
Occurred once. Full Tank of gas, but had been eating oil like at least 1 quart every other day. what could it be and how would I fix it.
I have recently replaced ball joints, cv axles, tie end rods, hub assemblies and struts (2x). My car is still knocking in the front when I ride over bumps. Could it possibly be the sway bar it self or the sway bar b...
I had my oil changed today and they told me I also need a new serpentine belt, new front and rear struts, and my front axle is leaking and needs a new seal. I am just wondering how much all this will cost?
One window does not move at all. The other is sluggish.
Early this morning my car engine shut off while I was driving. I was slowing down to make a turn and everything shut off without any warning. There were no lights on the dash either. Also, for the past several days wh...