Bucket seat. Not power seat. Lift front handle and nothing. Was a problem of locking in place .now just stuck forward.

How do replace it and what tools do I need?

This is first time drove fine getting to my house but now cant leave can it be wrong parts

What is my issue

Can't even begin to get it to start. Motor just turns and turns

Engine just turns over. It don't even begin to fire

I can't tell where the transmission fluid is leaking from, it is all down the lines and leaks sometimes more than others...

changed the throttle body and no difference still idling too high

- I have Checked harness resistance from sensor to main connector. ok
- have checked sensor input voltage, 5v on both sides, at big connector and through the harness to sensor.
- I concluded to replace wheele hub assembly. Problem still persists.
- All other three sensor register a speed on scanner when wheels are rotated.

The car runs fine, smooth. No missing or backfires.

the car was already taken apart having trouble putting back timing chain