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mmy parking brake does not work how do i fix it.
Turn signals don't blink just stay lit dimly and buzz.
When I turn the car on the dash clicks(turn signal click noise) and the headlight symbol flashes 10 times really quick then the service light comes on. Once this happens the passenger side low beam does not work and t...
First It sounded like there was liquid sloshing around In my dashboard when Im driving. Then There was a high pitched whining noise coming from my outer engine. The car ran for 2 days with this sound. Then it made a ...
we found out the car was heating and loosing coolant, they diagnosed that it is in the heater core. there also was some coolant smell and we found oil in the windscreen.
These lights came on as I was driving tonight and then car stalled and started again. I pulled over and shout it off and and then started it. Again still lights on.
i believe its been on since i got it but i dont remember that far back but anyways even though we have bought a new gas cap its still shows the same problem from autozone they said 9/10 its the cap even though we have...
the service light the traction light and the abs light never go out