I have a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire that want start. I have already installed 3 starters in my car and my car will run 2 to 3 days and then it want start again.

Had a new timing chain put in a Valve job done. She still backfires thru the exhaust. She is so far out of time the garage says new engine.The head is good yet.

how much to fix both of these and he to see to fix them

The whole car rumbles while I'm holding the brakes and it's in Drive second or first what would be causing this

Tested battery, tested starter , there is not even a click.

I got the car from a old ladie who lost her keys and she had her grandson drill out the ignition well they gave the car to me with new ignition and key with a passlock sensor attached . I dont think its from the same exact year does that matter cause i got the security light to go off and got it to turn over with the ignition switch detached from colom bht key turned over in cylinder. Does the switch have to be attached to colom and cyliner in order to work correctly. My fuel system still wont come on even with security light off now what else would make it not come on ive checked all the fuses. And they are all good . How can i delete passlock all together?

I purchased a 1999 Sunfire with only 28583 miles on it in September 2014. I'm a teacher and only needed it to go back and forth to school and to the grocery store. It had been owned by an older person who had it rustproofed every year and everything seemed good. I had the brakes done, but even after, there was a violent shaking from the rear of the vehicle when I applied them on snow or ice. The mechanic says it's the ABS and showed me how to remove the fuse but said it's illegal for him to remove the fuse because of insurance. The problem is that the car won't stop on ice or snow with it activated, but when I remove it I decrease my stopping distance by half. The brakes work well enough on dry pavement - it's only a problem when the ABS kicks in. I've had ABS on other vehicles and never seen anything like this. I wouldn't mind paying to repair it if I knew what needs to be repaired. Suggestions, please?

Either turn the ignition off or take the fuse out while driving to make it stop.

my car has stuck in gear for about a week now I checked the cable to the tranny and its fine and my shifter you have to apply the brake and the shifter just moves freely and won't go into any gear at all what can cause the problem in need of help please anybody

the old one stoped working , l can not tell how fast l am going and what the kolm's are

Manual transmission.

i've had this car for 9 years. when i first bought it, the AC worked for about 2 weeks, then crapped out on me. i was too broke to do anything about it, so i just dealt with not having AC. the winters weren't cold enough to fuss much with the heat. now, the blowers work just fine but there is absolutely no cool air coming from the vents. when we charged the coolant, nothing happened. also, the heat doesn't work if the temperature is below freezing. that could be attributed to the racing thermostat we had to install about 7 years ago to stop an overheating problem that i'd been having. i'm kind of at a loss as to what might be the issue with the AC, though.