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It acts like out of gas then u pump gas then it goes again but back fires
how much are the parts and an average price to fix at garage?CAN I CUT THE PIPE AND REPACE WITH RAD HOSE
My son's 98 sunfire 2.2L has a passlock system (no chip in the key) We have started having problems with it when he got it in June 2013. Some days it would work fine, others the theft light will blink 6 times then g...
98 Pontiac Sunfire, the rear passenger turn signal and hazard light does not work. I checked the bulb (all lights run off a single bulb), the bulb is not blown. Owners manual doesn't show a fuse for turn signals. Any ...
When I started to drive it away it sounded terrible. I only went a 1/2 a block. I went back in and told them... they came out and listened and said that the timing chain had broken. Did they put it back on properl...
I put in a new battery in my car, and it won't start, but tries to. The car basically has been rebuilt. New starter installed last year and alternator.
was runing good, went around conner 1mile or 2 from my house, it started running ruff.
my car misses really bad and it also dies after about 2500 rpms. i have tried spark plugs, a fuel filter, and a few other things. any ideas on what would make it miss but not make the check engine light come on?
after starting car it will not shift into 1st gear or any other gear
My coolant is full, there is no leaks yet my coolant light keeps coming on. Why? Is it the sensor or the thermal stat? Or are they the same? I already replaced the water pump, Radiator also. All hoses have been repla...
My 98 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L has what started as an inconsistent squeak but has progressively turned into a fairly consistent squeal whenever I accelerate.
it start but will die out when it heats up usually at long traffic light
it dies out when it heats up. i tried new plugs . could it be a sensor.or the fuel filter or do i need new wires with the new plugs? no check engine warning lights are on.
In the beginning my car would crank over every time when starting, now when trying to crank it shakes and then a whirring sound, then nothing. It won't catch. After numerous tries I now get a clicking noise, tried at ...