It started a little but I think it's getting worse. I had a computer diagnostic done but nothing shows up. Is this the ignition switch starting to go bad? There is no clicking or starter noise just nothing then I turn the key again and it starts but it starting to take to tries now.

multiple attempts by letting clutch in and out and the car starts fine

Release button in glove box for trunk/convertible top is not completely releasing every time and what I think are the 2 hand releases behind the seats have had broken cables since I bought the car so sometimes can't get trunk open to put top up or down. Where do I go to have this fixed? Pontiac is defunct and the various shops I have called don't do that kind of work. Can only find people who replace the fabric...which is in good shape

I have a 2007 Pontiac Solstice and the dashboard and radio lights dim at times. At first I thought it was because of going from the garage to sunlight, but it has also dimmed while driving down the road (during all types of weather). Im hoping its a fuse issue but since I just bought this car would like to know what else it could be. Thank you in advance.

Is this definitively a battery issue or could it be something else

could i have besides replacing a water pump?

when slowing down my car has a hard jerk as if the breaks are locking up,
I have diagnostic codes p00700 p2637 and p0014. How do I repair my car without taking it to the dealership? I have replaced the MAF and the Intake module, when diagnostics are run it shows a bad MAF.

My heater only blows cold air. Tried the manual reset, didn't work. Thinking the switch isn't swapping over. Can I fix this myself or go to dealership? Cost? BRAKE light just came on. Fluid isn't low. Any one had this problem and have answers? Need help! Just a girl in Bama tryingto stay warm and safe with her solstice !

When i turn on my heat it blows cold and sometimes when I turn on the ac it blows hot like it is not switching over between the two

my coolant temperature gauge(digital) intermittently goes blank showing only three dashes instead of the temp. When it does this my air/heat will not work. Any idea what this is?

check engine lite is on dealer says must drop rear axle to repair this. is there no way to access the fuel filler w/out taking axle down