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The sercurity lock light is on then try to start it and I get nothing won't crank Over the message reads service airbag
The rear hatch will not stay open unless u hold it. It appears the linkage for the soft top has become disengaged. What used to be easy open by one person is now a two man job, and the alignment is off on the hatch/t...
Driver side window and door work so cannot be a fuse problem. Could replacing battery have anything to do with this?
I knew to burp trapped air from motor. What else can be done could it be a bad sensor?
I will restart car sometimes 5 or 10 times, sometimes just one restart will cure the problem
My add coolant light keeps coming on. Other than having a leak in the radiator what could cause this? The light goes off after adding coolant then a few days later comes back on. I did notice a liquid under the car ...
this is for a 2006 pontiac solstice. Should the parking brake adjustment be done only by a technician?
How to change exhaust camshaft solenoid and actuator for my error code is p0014. 2006 solstice.
emergency brake cable won't hold car
it seems like there is some play in the drive train. it clunks when you shift gears. any ideas? the car has 21k miles.