The rear part of the convertible top release only works on the driver's side when I push the button. Now I can't get the trunk shut and the alarm on the dash won't shut off.

The car sat up all winter till now. It starts but when I push the clutch to go into gear it won't.

thieves attempted to break into my convertilble on the drivers side near the door lock; stretching the cable that keeps the top drawn tight/secuer when the top is up

keep dingging

It happens when i slow down around 15 mph..

The sercurity lock light is on then try to start it and I get nothing won't crank
Over the message reads service airbag

The rear hatch will not stay open unless u hold it. It appears the linkage for the soft top has become disengaged. What used to be easy open by one person is now a two man job, and the alignment is off on the hatch/trunk.

Driver side window and door work so cannot be a fuse problem. Could replacing battery have anything to do with this?

I knew to burp trapped air from motor. What else can be done could it be a bad sensor?

I will restart car sometimes 5 or 10 times, sometimes just one restart will cure the problem

My add coolant light keeps coming on. Other than having a leak in the radiator what could cause this? The light goes off after adding coolant then a few days later comes back on. I did notice a liquid under the car once but, I thought it was just condensation from the a/c
Any suggestions?

this is for a 2006 pontiac solstice. Should the parking brake adjustment be done only by a technician?

How to change exhaust camshaft solenoid and actuator for my error code is p0014. 2006 solstice.