I bought the car with 80K miles on it and i started hearing a fast clicking noise when i start it, and after about 30 mins of driving it just fades away and i have narrowed it down to the front left side of the engine it seems to be either something with the belt tensioners or i was told something to do with my AC compressor, i will be bringing the car in soon but i was wondering if anyone had the same issue ever

I lost heat in my 04 pontiac GT0 one day. My man told me to check the coolant so I did and my reservoir was empty. I had no coolant so I put in a jug of water. Checked a few hours later and it was empty again but no water on the ground. I added another jug and I had heat. Next day at stop light all that water exploded from somewhere but didnt overhest. Checked hoses, looks like its coming from water pump. Any other suggestions? Help!

the right side moreless

the car now smells like gas any ideas?

I have looked everywhere trying to find a pic on line anyone have pics

This only happens when the I drive the car, park it for 5mins jump back in and start it up. I have replaced the gas cap and its still pulling the codes

tie rods repair and costs

This is a general maintenance question

When I turn off car-radiator fan keeps running. I have replaced relay and still does it. Runs battery dead.