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Lower transmission line is leaking fluid bad. Spraying everywhere. There are two lines, is the lower one the inlet or outlet?
when driving sounds like a wheel bearing but changed them. when turning sounds like a CV joint but replaced pass side short shaft. Drivers side seems good
Fuel pump was fine. Is their anything we could check or reset to see if something is causing the fuel pump to stop working.
it idles fine but once its in drive its back to riding rough cant accelerate as normal and once its done sputtering between gears still wont hardly drive even with pedal to the floor chexk engine light on misfire code...
no leak by head gasket,no leak by water pump, losing 3/4 gal every 2 weeks
The engine seems to be running a little rough and my dealership told me before about replacing my sensor.
Tried a new heater motor . Still no fan . I have power to the plug in. Any help appreciated.
Car stalls won't start for 10 minutes or longer runs rough had ignition modulator replaced and oxygen sensor
I push the middle button and my dash lights turn off like it wants to work but nothing happens. I turn the dial, I checked fuses, I washed the HUD and windshield but nothing happens. Does the windshield look different...
I go to start it I have to give it some gas to keep it running but when it does start its fine runs great. I let it try to let it start on its own and it will but it sounds like it wants to die
This morning the car was working fine and did not have any problems, but once I dropped my husband off at work the car got hard to turn and was making a winding/ rubbing noise. When I was at the stoplight, the car als...