plenty of battery, just one loud click when I turn the key

It may not die for a couple of weeks, then all of a sudden it is doing it everyday

I have changed the bulb twice. First time, it worked fine for about a week. Changed it again, it lasted a block! The tail light works fine. The drivers side, all three functions work. The passenger side only has tail light. The blinker and brake doesn't work. I've heard of a sensor, but if it's only one side, I'm assuming that's not it. I'm at a loss. No extra cash for mechanic. Gotta repair myself, so any advice on where to start? I'm not finding any answers on line so I'm hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance.


i have a new battery.3rd crank it started blinkers and some inside dash lights not working right all of a sudden turned it off and it wouldnt start back up till i jumped it. got home turned it off jumped it again and no response.

I have a 2004 grand prix that runs rough at low rpms below 1000k. I get codes p0101 and p0068. It seems to run rich. Sometimes it will go into reduced power mode run for 30 seconds then die. I've Cleaned the throttle body and maf.

I have a Pontiac grand prix and typically when it's first started or after it has Sat for 30 mins or so on restart engine has rough idle, when given gas steadily it will still lose rpm in which you have to pump the gas again, sometimes it straightens out sometimes it dies and heads up display says reduced engine power and won't restart, where we then have to unhook the battery and wait 10-15 mins, hook back up then restart and give it gas until it straightens out. Mass air flow sensor has been changed.

Already changed water pump thermostat and coolant elbows and seemed to be doing well for the last weeks then overheated and smoke started coming out from under hood

Lower transmission line is leaking fluid bad. Spraying everywhere. There are two lines, is the lower one the inlet or outlet?

when driving sounds like a wheel bearing but changed them. when turning sounds like a CV joint but replaced pass side short shaft. Drivers side seems good