2004 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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Looks like anti freeze or is it defrosting

I hear a rubbing sound every time i hit my brakes all the way down or even sometimes when i turn and don't even use my brakes.

Replaced battery and alternator. Thought problem was fixed. Drove the car about 60 miles. Battery light came on, air bag light came on, fuel light came on and fuel gauge went to empty. All dash lights lit up and car sputtered and died. Don't know what to do!!

I changed the spark plugs and wires and coils and cleaned the egr and the maf and the cat I cleaned it as well what else can I do

Will not turn to on position to start car

My car turns over but will not start wants to but doesn't

Electric window switch on drivers side?

Miss fire on cylinders 3

Need to find out cost of having broken bolts removed from engine block.

New plugs, wires, catalytic converter, 02 sensors, egr valve & battery have all been replaced.

I ended up in a ditch because my cv joint snapped and it took out the strut assembly. The tow guy/roadside mechanic said I need to fix those two things as well as a lower arm control and a "knuckle" whatever that is. What would be a fair labor price for this work I already have the parts got them for decent amount but don't want to get squeezed for the repair. And does anyone know what he meant by knuckle no one seems to who I've talked with?
Thanks in advance

friend forgot to bring code reader as I stated it gets fire air and spark but just wont "bust over" as he said.... car also has factory installed anti theft does this need to be bypassed or the ecu flashed to get old codes out, running out of money and need car on the road