2005 Pontiac G6 Recalls

Brakes,May 14, 2014
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Increased resistance in an electrical connection at the body control module (BCM) may result in voltage fluctuations in the brake pedal sensor circuit. These fluctuations can cause concerns with various systems that monitor the position of the brake pedal, any of which would increase the risk of a crash. Dealers will attach the wiring harness to the BCM with a spacer, apply dielectric lubricant to both the BCM and harness connector and the BAS and harness connector, and will reprogram the brake pedal sensor to correct these concerns.

Suspension & Steering,March 31, 2014
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The vehicles being recalled are equipped with an electric power steering (EPS) assist system. The EPS can fail unexpectedly while driving. If this were to occur, steering ability would be maintained but much greater effort would be necessary to steer the vehicle, especially at slow speeds. One of four remedies will be applied depending on the model and year. Parts are not yet available so expect a second notification when they are. 

Electrical & Lights,February 17, 2009
RepairPal Expert Overview:

A poor electrical connection could occur at the brake light switch due to corrosion. Systems affected would be brake lights, cruise control, and the shifter interlock. The loss of brake light operation could increase the risk of a crash. Dealers will apply dielectric lubricant to the connector to prevent corrosion. The recall is expected to begin on February 17, 2009. The General Motors recall number is 80317.

Body, Interior & Misc.,March 20, 2005
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Some vehicles may not conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #225 "Child Restraint Anchor System"  The child restraint anchor points not being located where they should be. This may cause difficulty for the owner in installation of child restraint systems. The dealer will be sending an owners manual supplement to those with affected vehicles. The GM recall # is 05005