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Reduced power light is on
Took it to a repair shop and they said I need new lifters and a couple of the rocker arms are broken. Also in my radiator is sludge and clear water. I keep this car serviced. What happened? The repair shop says the en...
Had to replace water pump and now hear a thumping noise and car don't want to stay running? Whats going on? Please help.
And now car dont want to stay running. What is going on? Please help.
The car blew the radiator a few weeks ago, the mechanic replaced the radiator, water pump and thermostat. I had the car back for one day, had to take it back vibrates and engine light came on. They replaced all spark...
And shut right off. Does anybody know what it could be
Anyone know of a good HONEST shop here in Vegas?
Came on yesterday now won't go off at all. Exhaust is loose on one side can this do it?
178,000 miles no engine light gauges were perfect car just quit power to everything else
one headlight is stuck up on drivers side. and no low beam on drivers side. plus the marker lights on bottom passanger side
how to change the power window motor
how to replace motor in door when motor doesn't work?
I have a coolant leak coming from the pass side above the water pump, i beileve it's the intake gasket? how much should this cost to repair and how hard is it to do yourself?
1 can't get my interior lights to go off 2 can't get my brake light to come on all bulbs replaced lights work just doesn't brighten the pedal is pushed 3 can't get the blinkers to work on my passenger side front light...