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It has happened 2 times about 2 or 3 months apart
I have a 1996 Firebird with 3800 SeriesII, no add ons. I have an extreme chatter, almost a rattle/ticking under the left bank valve cover. I've tried the oil additives to avoid opening up the top end.No help. Any advise?
I recently bought a 96 Firebird with great engine but front end problems. My local mechanic did not find anything unusual except a poorly maintained vehicle and recommended struts, which I had him install. A few ...
Used JB weld to fix the hairline fracture in manifold missed a part so it blew out but trying again today. Pretty sure its got a burnt valve. Looking either for a quick fix to keep or a way to get rid of it. Spent 15 ...
I noticed backfiring after easing off the gas.
convertible windows leak in the rain, and in the car wash. How can I fix it.
Running along fine then clutch went out,checked fluid,none.I filed it up and pushed clutch pedal fluid came out bottom looks like from bell houseing
Car has been running fine. Yesterday went to start. Nothing; acted like battery dead (has a brand new battery). Went to jump start; nothing but headlight motors ran for a few seconds and then an electrical burning s...
Got engine apart found broken connecting rod.Now I can not find a connecting rod any ideas,I found some that say gm 3800 3.8 v6.also says mfi K is that same as mine.Seems all is same but does not say for firebird.
Engine is 3.8 was thinking of pulling oil pan to see if rod was broken.Will not turn pulling or using a large braker bar on crank what can I do other than new motor?
I have replaced the intake manifold, the "friend" helping me took off the vacuum hoses,,,I need a diagram as to how the hoses should be put back on, I don't have a clue, since I didn't take them off and I'm not famila...
How much would it be to get the power locks on the doors and the windows fixed?
need to replace oil pump