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It made a noise it locked up I turned,it off back on it went,.into,hear but started jump n around then nothing in,all gears.
I put new clutch pressure plate throw out bearing pilot bearing slave cylinder and master cylinder. I bench bled the system and put it all together and I have no pressure on pedal
I am low on gear oil and need to add gear oil
fuel injectors were leaking so i chaqnged them and fuel filter and added fuel treatment because car sat up for 3 months. car sometimes starts but runs badly and stalls
followed fuel lines and leak apears to be coming from top back of engine but cant tell exactly
put new battery and new starter but not even turning over.
its a 5 spd and i changed the plugs checked the cat. its good . but it still bogs down real bad
Not sure about engine above questioned asked. The driver seat the lever that moves it back and forth under the seat is a rod that goes in diagnol two wholes Ive fixed it before awhile ago cant remember how. I'm now ha...
i would start the car in the morning, itd run fine. the second time id go out to start it however, id have to pump the gas pedal several times while turning the key in order for it to start. i was driving up a hill ...
I already changed out the O2 sensor and tested the IAC sensor still need to know what else is possible to be able to check.
can the oil pan be taken out without haveing to lift the motor or does the engine have to be lifted up
how many hours of labor go into replacing a timing cover gasket and what is a fair price to pay a buddy for doing it for me?