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I was driving the car for 3 weeks now.. I went to get in it yesterday and I had lights..as soon as I turned the key I lost all power.. But the voltage from the battery is reading 12.7 I need help correcting my problem...
After driving for a while it eventually starts to idle normal
after sitting a while the car starts up and i can drive until it happends again
the dealer put one in my car and it is still running rich and stalling and is loud. rpm gauge has also quit working. I was told years ago that after market parts are not compatable with this car because it has a 3.1...
How many hours of labor is this estimate for?
the rod knocks after i drive it for a waile
My Heater is not blowing out hot only cold no matter what selection is made on the controls mix,a/c,def,etc. I've checked the radiator fluid it's full, checked hoses they are hot, there's no radiator fluid smell nor ...
from the junk yard i found 2.8 parts is that ok?
i just placed a new ignition module in and i can't find out what the code needs to be to match the switch?
i have a 1992 pontiac firebird with the 3.1 v6 i have already changed the throttle position sensor but the idle drops when the car reaches reg temprature. what else can i do
I replaced the throttle position sensor but when engine gets to reg temp. the idle drops to 4 or 500 r's
i have anit freeze going into my oil. i figured head gaskets replaced them and had the heads flux and plained they were fine put it all back together and it is still doing it. i was wondering if there is a freeze plug...
Does the steering column/steering wheel need to be removed/replaced to remove/replace the turn signal switch?