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1989 pontiac firebird formula cost to convert from auto to manual tranny?
whiney noise. its an 86 2.8 ltr. bought as a fixer upper. not sure where to go from here has spark? and fuel? hard for me to tell because of the initial problem.
Car sat for 7 years. already replaced coil,module,pickup,fuel pump and filter,cap and button, checked all fuses and fusable links,tps. shows good on the vantage with no flat spots or dropouts. I'm sure I'm missing som...
i need to know if my distributor is cracked would it make my car misfire and blow black smoke and loose of power
the timing is right and the firng order is right a guy that worked on it said he thinks it has something to do with the distributer cap
car was running but rough tested coil and was bad replace replaced pole piece and module also ecm after testing with snap on scan tool mt 2500 and tested
i need to know where the oil filter coolant lines tie in to the system i thought it tied into the heater control valve some where?
I Own a 1988 Pontiac Firebird and somewhere under the fuel injection system i can hear a knocking sound. i don't know what it could be..
No temporary solutions have worked. Has occured once or twice before but now it seems permanent. Have switched key ignition, along with the VATS module and matching key.
I am planning on buying a 1995 Pontiac FireBird Trans Am and was wondering if there is any way i could put in some more power?
I have had a performance problem with the car bogging down and feeling like it lost horsepower after i overreved the car passing someone on the highway but the engine light went off and the car drives fine just with l...
1. Same goes for the headlight door module located on the firewall near the brake master cylinder. 2. Left headlight opens but has to be closed manually. Passenger headlight goes on but the door won't open by switch...