PCM/TCM Software Updates May Address Shifting Problems on Chrysler 300

If you experience rough shift and/or shuddering during gear shifting, software updates to the powertrain control and transmission control modules (PCM and TCM) are available which may address these problems. On higher mileage vehicles, a mechanical failure may exhibit similar symptoms. Proper diagnoses should be performed before any repairs or software upgrades are attempted.

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Average mileage: 72,559 (2,700–195,600)
Drive Trains affected: 2WD, 4WD
11 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
70 people reported this problem
43 people shared problem details
My 300C has a jerky transmission which is very troublesome. IT always occurs at a slow full stop and sometimes its noticeable in acceleration from a full stop. Everyone who rides in my car notices it. I have taken it in to two dealers 4 times and am always told there is nothing wrong with the transmission and had it in to an independent auto shop with the same conclusion. My car has very low mileage (8000). I love everything else about this car and it's my third 300. This problem did not exist for the first 6000 miles and it has since taken some of the joy out of the car.
2008 Chrysler 300- 2WD167,000
Car won't shift automatically when rpm is high. Engine light on
The drive shift would not change to the next gear. Car would not go over 20 mph and check engine light along with ABS/BAP light would not go off. Dealership updated software last year and still the PCM went out this week. Dealership changed PCM for 490.00. I think this should be under factory warranty.
2014 Chrysler 3008,000
Software updates did not repair the problem!!!
2014 Chrysler 3009,298
My 300 AWD betan "surging" when arriving at full stop... upon stopping, the transmission would "surge" by taking a "push, or leap" then coming to a stop. Only doing so when cold at the beginning of the day or when sitting for a long time. Dealer "flashed" the computer and the problem was solved... however, before the "flash" and the "surging", this transmission was the smoothest shifting I have ever experienced... had to look at the tach to see when it shifted. Now the transmission does not "surge" when cold, but shifts like a truck. Warming up stops this phenomenon. I now have 10, 290 miles, and the "surge" is back, only it is now when warm, and occurs periodically. Maddening to say the least.
2006 Chrysler 300- 2WD60,000
The car shakes/shutters around 40mph. After a while the car would not shift after 3rd gear. My lights started coming on and off on their own as well as the AC did not blow cold air either. I let the car sit for a while and had to call AAA to jump start the vehicle. The AAA driver advised needed new battery. Once he put the new battery in the car ran fine for a while and the problems all cam eback. Brought it to a machanic and they think its the computer.
2010 Chrysler 300- 2WD182,000
My 2010 Chrysler 300 will only start. When I shift into drive or reverse the car acts, as if it's in neutral. My lights, radio and other electrical comes ON just fine. One person, said the problem could be inside the transmission or some kind of update it needs in the computer. As of now, my Chrysler is still sitting in a shop broke down.
2013 Chrysler 3003,000
It's impossible to come to a smooth stop. When shifting into low there is an abrupt 'jolt' (as if someone has bumped into the rear of the car). Has been to the dealer four times with valve replacement and computer flashing. Problem is still not fixed! It may be 30% better but it still does it 70% of the time. It's a new auto, should be 100% as one would expect with a new auto!
2014 Chrysler 3002,700
Hard shifts when engine is cold, had into dealership this weekend, they did software update, I still have the problem. Mileage is correct as listed - 2,700
2007 Chrysler 300- 4WD176,000
I have had the same problems listed here since I purchased the car. the dealership acted like they didn't know what it was. They flashed the computer and it continued to happen after a few days time. There was never a resolve for the "push/surge" forward. Now my car stutters, won't go over 20mph, and a whole plethora of other problems that the dealership can't figure out.
2005 Chrysler 300- 2WD62,000
the pcm tcm problem repaired by dealer cost 100 dollars ded. because covered under factory warranty up to 75000 miles
2014 Chrysler 30038,000
Shudders when changing gears
2006 Chrysler 300- 2WD177,728
the car feel like it running over some speed brakes then it shift hard.
Shudder or vibration around 40-50 mph. This car shifts into overdrive before 40 mph. I believe that it should shift into OD above 45. Will go after the PCM/TCM software update. 3.5L V6, auto. Trans shop diag it as torque converter clutch. est $890.00. Dealer stepped up and diag it as trans. Replaced it and reprogrammed PCM/TCM and did a relearn all for free. All is well. Chrysler sales managers can get stuff done.
2008 Chrysler 300- 2WD102,000
shifts hard and has had repeat problems with being stuck in second gear.
2014 Chrysler 30042,000
I just bought this car had 41000 on it when I bought it. After having it a few days I've been having the car sure at low speed. Hard shifts. Also when going down hill car seems to surge as well down shift real hard
2013 Chrysler 300- 2WD20,000
Surging during shifting and when braking. Dealer has examined the vehicle and claims that there is no problem, advises use of higher grade gasoline to solve problem (that, according to the dealership, does not exist).
2013 Chrysler 30061,000
Sometimes when driving up hills or if i just take off fast their's a lag in the gear shift
2008 LX 2.7L Chrysler 300 that will have hard shifts when driving over 40mph.
2010 Chrysler 300- 2WD35,000
From the time I got the car it would drive sluggish. Shifter assembly was replaced and I still have the same problem, just less frequently. Major problems are harsh shifting, won't drive over 60 mph and when I try to the car feels like the transmission skips. On the slap shift first to second is fine, second to third is fine, but once u go into third you can't drop it back down to second or first. First and second gear will freely go back and forth. Not every time do I have this problem. Sometimes it will drive over 60 in regular drive and the slap shift will work freely. It's different every time the car is shut off. It can not work, then but shut off and work fine. The rough shifting is always a problem
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