Chrysler LeBaron Problem Report

Chrysler LeBaron Parasitic Battery Drain

(4 reports)
refer to report #1 battery drain. I ended up putting a battery cutoff connection on the battery terminal(cost was about $20). A bit inconvenient but easy to work and saves your battery overnight. So far so good. -
Can't sit over night without battery being drained. Took it to 2 different mechanics, paid a ton, they took apart the dash, tested it and found no parasitic draw, replaced the battery and alternator, and it was like new for a few months. Now its happening again. Still no clue but I'm going to work on it myself and check all the lines shortly. -
Battery drains overnight. When first started(slow crank), check engine light comes on. After shut off and restart, light goes out. Mechanic says there is a voltage problem. I replaced battery,starter,starter relay,fuel pump. Ran well after initial battery and starter replacement for about 3-4 months. Has been an intermittent problem for about 3 years. Any guesses? -
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