Kia Spectra Problem Report

Kia Spectra Check Engine Light On, Engine Runs OK

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The Check Engine Light may erroneously illuminate, signifying a fault with the front oxygen sensor when no fault exists. Replacing the electrical connections at the oxygen sensor with a repair kit available from Kia will commonly fix this problem.

2003 Kia Rio....has now had the front O2 Sensor changed 4 times (Bosch brand versus manufacturer original part) and the back O2 Sensor once. It checks out fine then within days, always while driving on the highway, it indicates again. it is NOT fixed and I need advice -
I bought this used at 55,000. Check engine light goes on and off. Sometimes days with no light. Other days it stays on maybe for a day. -
I paid to have it turned off and it came back on the next day. -
Dealer replaced electric connections twice prior to warranty experation. Light comes back on every 5 to 7500 miles. It's on at 74000 and I may have to change the oxygen sensor. -
Check engine light came on, KIA dealership said it was my O2 sensor, I had them replace it, within 3 days it was on again, they tried another one and it is still on -
Replaced downstream o2 sensor based on engine diagnostics. Engine light resumed with same out of range code indicating connector/wiring harness failure. Will have to secure repair kit from Kia or get a connector from alternate source and splice wires. -
O2 sensor error comes up on diagnostic computer.. Ive heard that it is probably not an O2 problem but the wire connection is bad at the sendor -
Check engine light comes on randomly. Various codes none verfied. No solution yet. -
Also Ob2 code P0128, P14014 -
Same here. CHeck engine light has been on nearly 100,000 miles. Take it to dealer, they say "the gas cap was loose" or "it's a fault" or "we reset it"... it comes back the next time the car starts. I got tired of taking it to the dealer for a "reset" only to have it come on again within a day. I have noticed that if I let the back hatch be only partly closed, start up the car and get a 'door ajar' light on the panel, I won't get the check engine light until the next start up. Now, though, I am stuck. California won't pass smog test if the light is on, regardless of whether there's any real fault or not. -
Car was running strange took it into shop, they tested the o2 sensor and it came back fine but the codes where saying a failed o2 sensor -
Check engine light turns on and off. Each time it's been taken in to indicate what is wrong with the car, it indicates a different issue each time, but it has been wrong each time. In addition, I have major electrical issues: the windows work/don't work intermittently, the battery went bead and caused my car buzz and lights to flash. After that occurred, the left turn signal lever will no longer go down to turn on the left blinker. I've had to replace light bulbs frequently because they continuously burn out. I had asked a Kia Dealer in the Ontario Auto Center to do electrical repairs while it was still under warranty, but they refused stating they only do oil changes on the weekends and they refused to provide me with a vehicle so I could get to work if I brought it in during the week. -
Intermittant eng. check light for about a month. Dealer diagnosed it as the O2 connector and replaced it ($235!!!) -
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