BMW 535i Problem Report

BMW 535i Outside Mirror May Fold Out To Far

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One vehicles equipped with power folding mirrors, the mirror may fold out past the standard position. Our technicians tell us that if this occurs a special procedure must be followed to relearn the correct mirror home position.

I have the same issue reported in this thread where the drivers side mirror folds out past normal. I have performed the sync recommended on other sites, but it is still going past the normal position after following the procedures. I'm trying to avoid the stealership. -
Drivers side mirror rotates too far. This happens after the car is turned off, when I return to the car at a later time. -
Mirrors seem out of sync? looks like suicide doors and flap towards the front of car...ugh -
still not fixed. Forcing mirror into correct position by hand. -
driver mirror folds out to far -
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