GMC Safari Problem Report

GMC Safari Outside Door Handles May Break

(55 reports)

The outside door handles are prone to breaking—all doors are affected by this condition.

all door handle have problems/are broken -
My door handles are very loose and the driver side door handle broke off -
really sucks that they are made so cheap -
both door handles, exterior, broke. -
driver handle broke off cold weather. -
Rear gate handle broke, had to be replaced. -
the door handle on my 1994gmc safari broke for the third time, i replaced it every time is there somthing wrong with these handles? they were all made in taiwan -
Drivers side door handle broke. -
The lower connection point on handle broke. I believe it's due to the material being pot metal which is cheap and soft is not wear well.Quoted repair hundred dollars -
Door handles are horrible. back fdoor handle broke around 50,000 miles driver's door broke.. all are delicate.. -
I have to replace my driver door handle about every 18 months. -
all my door handles are loose no repairs have been done -
All of the door handles have been replaced severaL TIMES. Is there ba solution to thjis problem? -
Driver side broke 2 times already. Passenger side linkage falls off. Can't unlock or lock with key on passenger side. -
both front handles have broken - the metal plate with the bolts cracked half way between the bolts on both the driver and passenger side front doors. -
out side door handler is broken and need repair what i need to do to fix it. -
all door handles broken -
roll pin fell out of handle assembly. replaced handle -
The driver's outside door handle started to pull away from the door but still worked if you were gentle. I bought a replacement, but am still trying to figure out how to get the old one out. -
taking it to a body shop -
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