BMW 328i Problem Report

BMW 328i Burning Smell or Oil Drips on the Ground Due to Engine Oil Leak

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Valve cover gasket leaks are common after 60,000 miles. Symptoms will include oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment.

Each time I start my car I have the typical rough start and smell a strong burning oil smell. Cold starts, long drives, it always produces this odor. My car has used over one quart of oil in one month, 3500 miles, and the dealer says this is normal? Needless to say, I am calling customer service. -
Took my car in for an oil change. Said that they saw seepage from the valve gasket. A car that has been driven ~13,000 a year and has this serious of a problem? Really? I would expect more from BMW. Not sure Ill be returning to this brand. I want luxury, and I dont need to pay for it over and over. Luxury should equate to quality. Ive had Nissans last 245,000 miles without needing more than common maintenence, that cost me literally tens of thousands less to buy. -
I too have the same problem... I was also told that after three years BMWs start to have problems. The typical one being the oil leak. Be sure to check you oil pan as well. -
Noticed oil burning on the exhuast manafold after a short drive. Took it in to the shop and i was told the valve vover had been cracked and that it needed to be replaced -
Oil leaks from valve cover -
When start the engine the smoke comes out for several minutes and smels like oil burning after a while it's stops and it started at 60.000 miles but wasn;t that bad now at 80.000 started to be worse -
Dealer told me slow oil leak and recommended replacing gasket. Replace gasket at 13500 moles. The last BMW I buy. -
Just spent 4K replacing a PLASTIC valve cove that had cracked, sensors and ignition coils. The oil leak had gotten onto the engine coils and the engine was misfiring. Now I learn that this is a common problem. The mechanic referred to my 328i as a 'high mileage' car. If 76K is high milage for a car that's been regularly serviced at the dealer it will be the last BMW I buy. Can't believe they use plastic for engine parts that get this hot. Incredible. Shame on you BMW. -
Valve cover gasket is being replaced. -
smell of burning rubber when the heater is turned on -
the computer says that the car has no oil and leaks drops of can i fix this problem? -
Smoke coming out from the front of car and you can smell oil burning. Mechanic found oil leak around valve cover gasket. Not fixed yet. -
I smelt burning oil for a few months. Finally I parked my car two weeks ago and white smoke came up. The car was tolled to the repair shop where they replaced the valve cover etc. I think this happened at 30,000 miles too. I cannot believe I have so many problem with this car before it even hits 100,000 miles. This was my second BMW and probably the last. -
During normal inspection, dealer indicates oil leaking under valve cover which is getting into sensors and plugs. Potential misfire issues. Cost to repair..... $1,700. Like others have said, this is not acceptable. Last BMW ever!!! -
This has been happening ever since I bought this car as a CPO from a reputable dealer. This is now in the repair shop a "second time" for this issue. -
Strong oil or gas smell inside the car. Oil shop said there was a small leak -
The engine oil pan leaks. -
Oil was leaking from oil filter. Replaced it and problem solved. (for now) -
It happens when I'm driving,a burning oil smell comes from the airunit then it stops -
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