BMW X5 Problem Report

BMW X5 Burning Smell or Oil Drips on the Ground Due to Engine Oil Leak

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Valve cover gasket leaks are common after 60,000 miles. Symptoms will include oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment.

leaking lots of oil on concrete, has not been used in 2 weeks still leaking. -
smell of burning oil and slight oil leak on floor of garage. Car is at repair facility now. Any idea of costs or problem anyone? -
when the car is idling for more than 2 min or more a smoke is coming out of the exhaust and a smell or burning oil. -
leaked all oil at a red light -
burning smell and oil leakage under the engin cover. -
changed gasket -
Burns oil and will leave me 3 Quarts short. :/ Haven't gotten it fixed. -
Oil leaking from valve cover gasket -
oil leaks from engine, no resolution from the dealership. -
Car smells of burning oil -
6 mos after an oil change at 40000 + miles, my Oil Light went on. I checked the oil levels in car and sure enough it was at mininum. I went back to the shop that made the oil change and said WTF, as there was no indication of a problem at the time. Within 2 secs techinician that had serviced my car pointed out source of leak which was in the area of Pump/timing cover gaskets... and also said this was a common problem... How can BMW get away with such crappy quality on their vehicles that are supposed to be high end. I plan not to fix it, as they qouted $1600 to replace gaskets. Time to go american -
engine burning oil(quarts in between oil change). dealer says "that's normal" I say, not buying another bmw is normal They must think uneducated people buy their cars.... -
We are the original owners of this 2005 X% 3.0 and had the vehicle towed into our local Service Dept. (ETow was required due to an Engine Failsafe indicator popping up while the car shut down/stopped operating while in motion - Service says the issue that caused that problem is an Ignition Switch issue?) and were advised that the Valve Cover Gasket is leaking and should be replaced as well. Also advised that the CV Boots on the front Transaxle are worn out and need to be replaced. Ouch, $2K in total repairs this time around, and yet, we have maintained very well, are original owners so no how we have driven it (gently over the years), and it only has 85K miles. Again, ouch. -
Oil Leaking from under car -
Valve gasket issues -
valve cover oil leak when I bought this car, 2 weeks later I took it back, dealer fixed it for free. -
Valve stems and seals failed. $7,000 repair; not worth it. Scrapping vehicle. -
Smoke in the cabin and awful smell from the vents. Only happens when I turn on the AC or heater, but then it dissipates and I smell nothing. -
Same oil leak problem, would like to fine out what do now. -
I have recently purchased this vehicle with 40,000 miles on it and are now being told that it has the "Dreaded Alternator Bracket Oil Leak" and its leaking behind the timing belt cover as well. I must say after doing a little research online its a very common problem. What is BMW doing about it? I am kicking myself for buying this car. BMW should do a recall on their poor design and save face...... DO NOT BUY A 4.8L V8 BMW!!!!!!! -
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