OBD II code P1402 on 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

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I have a civic hybrid 2003. It had about 150K miles. Recently it started giving OBD II code P1402. I cleared it and came back again in 1000 miles.

I have done it twice so far. Car drives fine and give about 40 miles / gallon.

What is this OBD code?

What needs to be fixed.

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1420 buy my info is a catalyst converter code could set for many reasons i have found a lot of times cars with higher miles simply good tune up plugs coil boots and especially fuel filter clear code and it would solve the problem a clogging filter will cause car to run lean for which can damage a converter so light comes on with a 02 code .
Thanks for your quick response.

My mistake. I am sorry. You are right. I read the code again and it is P1420.
P1420 means "nitrous oxide absorptive catalyst system below threshold". Basically it's a code that could be a fluke, but if it keeps coming back...the catalyst will need replaced. Sorry...