Nissan Maxima Problem Report

Nissan Maxima No start or misfire due to failed ignition coil

(7 reports)

Problems with the ignition coil will cause the vehicle to misfire or not start.

My car began to run sluggish at red lights or stops when an idle rpm is needed u had it scanned,random misfire on plugs or faulty coils. Instead of chasing that specific plug or coil,i had them all replaced,parts costed only $170.00. To save time n hassel.engine light off,while i was there i changed the valve cover Gaskets for another $ sure emissions hoses are good also,good luck. -
changed one of the ignition coils. -
my Nissan mix 20004 started shaking then ingane light came on. Then tune it up still wouldn't start the number one stared smoking so I took it back to the store the coils takeing my car to the Nissan dealer asap. -
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