Nissan Xterra Problem Report

Nissan Xterra Engine Stall and/or No Start Condition

(54 reports)

The distributor shaft bearing can become rusty, and seize causing the engine to stall or not start. The failed distributor will commonly require replacement.

engine would get to 2500 rpm start shutting and bucking you could give it gas and it would act like it was getting none, changed the fuel filter the maf sensor the coolant temperture sensor the throttle positioning sensor, checked pluggs and wires, nothing still doing the same thing ends up it was the distributor -
engine started in morning running fine -came out of work - would not start - engine turns over but no start -
driving down highway and just stalled, wont start now...turns over and all lights work etc....checked fuel pump, everything works... -
Engine loses power at first, check engine light comes on. This is when the engine is pretty warm from traffic and climbing a hill. Last time no check engine warning ... engine died and would not restart until cooled off. -
Engine would stop going down the road, not start for seveeral hours. Shop replaced distributor and crankshaft -
Distributor seized and broke a chunk off the cam and broke the bolt holding it down. Is there anyone replying to these reports? I need help -
Irratic/poor/stumbling engine performance... Would not rev above 2000-2200 RPM while "trying" to drive. Upper bearing failure in distributor... caused crankshaft positioning sensor to send erronous signal to ECM. Replaced w/ new distributor. -
Following an oil change car started to run rough then stall out. Dealer reported the bearings split -
seal failed on distributor, it seized up and got shoved out of the motor, broke two teeth off the cam -
catostrophic failure of ignition system... causing stall and loss of power steering and brake assist on freeway. 3rd distributor change out. No Spark. -
I have a 07 Nissan Xterra wife drop me off at work came home started acting funny went to leave wouldn't crank fuel pump fuse was blown she replaced it went somewhere blue again replaced it 2 or 3 times so I replaced the fuel pump now still nothing will not turn over the lights come on dash and everything when you cut the key on. but will not turn over or do anything and now soon as you cut the key on the fans come on and my running lights automatically cut on which the key I mean the light switch is off what is the problem -
Engine stalled while driving....will not start ba -
I came to work I parking my car tomorrow morning it don't want start I don't know why -
Engine was running after I had the left valve cover gasket replaced for about 2 months. then started with small noticeable power drops. Then all of a sudden it stalled at a stoplight & continued to stall & run rough. Any help would be appriciated. -
Nissan 3.3V6. I start it in the morning or after it has been parked for sometime and drive away with no cutting, but after driving for sometime it starts cutting and jagging. please help on the problem -
after engine warms up starts missing and dying won't start for a little while then does same thing -
Engine stalled when driving. It started again but continued to stall and start several times. No diagnosis to report at this time. -
xterra sometimes will not start, but after 15 min or so of trying to start it will. -
had to replcce the distutor at 13500 m tan other compoants on this 2001 nissan also hade to replace the rear end just after buying it in 2003 with 35.000 on the clock -
Engine stalls when driving and idle. Not repaired yet. -
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