Nissan Frontier Problem Report

Nissan Frontier Engine Stall and/or No Start Condition

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The distributor shaft bearing can become rusty, and seize causing the engine to stall or not start. The failed distributor will commonly require replacement.

started after the car sat for two days in the heat, stalled after a few miles. happened a few more times that week, but would always start back up. then wouldnt, blew white smoke out after a few minutes of trying. I took it to shop, replaced electrical system, fuel and air filters and did a tune up. ran great for a few days, then it sat in a parking lot at airport for a week, stalled after about 120 miles. all above was in heat, but a few days later would not start at 9 at night. now looking for an answer. no indicator lights, sounds like it wants to start but cant.... -
Engine turns over but there is vibration and it stalls -
stalled in driveway wouldn't start. -
dist. bearing siezed. broke camshaft -
Stalled while pulling out of a parking lot mid summer. Wouldn't restart. Plenty of crank, just wouldn't start. -
Engine was running perfectly fine , plus always pulls strong ! Then one day , without warning , engines dies , and WILL NOT START ! Plenty of cranking power & compression . No engine check light come on , warning signs , indication of something wrong . Plus , now at a mechanics shop , and no codes pull up . After reading some of these possible problem areas of a distributor , I'll point him to that area to check ! BTW - A NEW motor , not rebuilt was installed at 165,000 miles . Has run flawless till now . -
Distributor bearing seized. Truck stalled pulling into a parking lot. -
The distributor seized and damages the camshaft returning from Orlando vacation, towing $1000.00, parts $600.00 and 3 days home mechanic. -
Truck won't start -
Engine stall at freeway heavy traffic HR... RPM dropped 500increases....until stalls...cant start until after over and hr or after cooldown... if engine gets its normal operating temperature will start to drop rpms. Took it to a shop....Replaced cost 600:( Still need to call the mechanic due to slightly not normal vibration. -
Won't start after replacing distributor and still no fire at plugs. -
Not fixed yet -
The truck was put in the shop for a new ac compressor and belts. While there, the truck did not start for my mechanic. he replaced the distributor cap and rotor and thought the problem was solved. the engine had been running a little rough between 21-2500 rpm and we could not determine the reason the last 6000 miles. The truck stalled at 75 miles per hour on the highway. It turned out to be the distributor. after replacing the distributor, the roughness between 21-2500 was eliminated. -
Engine stalled in traffice. Towed vehicle Nissan dealer. $2100 repair bill. Distributor bearing seized, OH Cam gear stripped. -
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