BMW 740iL Problem Report

BMW 740iL Loss of Power Steering Fluid Due to Leaking Hoses

(24 reports)

A fluid leak may develop from one or more power steering hose. When a leak is being repaired, it is not uncommon for multiple hoses to be replaced.

fluid leaking fluid on hose leadeing from pump -
After having my radiator replaced the hack that worked on my car severed the high pressure hose for the power steering. One week after the radiator my car became difficult to steer and within minutes it was nearly impossible to steer. High pressure hose replaced to the tune of $250. -
About every 60k both power steering hoses replaced total just over $600. -
It was time to replace the Power Steering Hose and Reservoir - Great Car few problems last forever -
Power steering fluid leaks. replaced 3 hoses and fitting $700 repair -
Needed O2 Sensor replaced that then... Spark plug blew out of coil pack now spark plug will not go back in ??? power steering hose leak. -
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