BMW 740iL Problem Report

BMW 740iL Multiple Parts May be Recommended to Correct Coolant Loss

(26 reports)

Leaks are known to develop in the cooling system. It is common to see more than one part recommended for repair/replacement due to overlapping labor and the use of many plastic parts in the system.

coolant level is going down,,but it's not Leaking on the just started..very odd.. -
leak in cooling system. Hard to find. Continual smell of coolant. $5,000 later -
Coolant leak in Cooling Valve Aux Pump. -
Coolant leak. Looking for leak and seems to be between firewall and rear of motor. -
Antifreeze leaking between the engine and firewall -
have had the BMW dealership replace everything but the radiator. Is there a recall on this problem with my BMW -
The glycol leak is coming from the area where the PLASTIC overflow bottle is fastened with all plastic fasteners (joke) !!! I need some advise please!! Thank you -
cooling leak rear hose between motor an fire wall -
when i turn heat on i smell coolant i dont see any leaks but goes somewhere into a pan -
Purchased used 2000 740 iL. Ended up with numerous collant leaks and electrical problems. -
low coolant level -
check coolent light kept going on .now coolent has all leaked out on my driveway and check engine light is on/ -
unit was woring and suddenly shut off, button for ac doesnt light up and recirculating air also ceased to function -
Smoke started coming out of the tailpipe and the mechanic at Big A Service Center said it was due to an anti-freeze leak in the water pump. The AF goes to the pipes and that causes the white smoke. -
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