Erratic Operation of Turn Signals and/or Hazard Lightson Chrysler PT Cruiser

A defective turn signal lever (multifunction switch) can cause erratic operation of the turn signals and other exterior lights. Depending on the fault, a dead battery could result. Our technicians recommend replacing the failed switch.

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Average mileage : 85,259 (20,000–245,000)
9 Years Affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
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61 people shared problem details
No turn signals, no lights, no horn, no windshield wipers. The multi-function switch has been replaced twice in the last 10 miles. The problem keeps occurring. I just filed a vehicle safety complaint at This should be a recall issue and the problem should be covered by the manufacturer.
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Blinkers won't turn on sporadically, wipers either won't turn on or stay on. Headlights turn on themselves and won't turn off with switch until I turn the key off. Windshield washers front and rear do not work when everything else is not working.
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Parking lights came on while setting in the sun running batter down. Dealer could not find. I told them to Chang the one piece light switch out. It turned out the by metal inside was heating up an turning the parking lights on. Problem solved. Part cost $98.00 easy to replace. Dealer will charge $$$$$$$$
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Turn signals, windsheild wipers, headlights, nothing would work on switch.
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no head lights, blinkers or inside cab light, fixed by replacing multifunction switch but now its doing it again and lo and behold I take the ebrake off they all work!
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Faulty turn signal switch that left running lights on and drained battery. Found out that the turn switch was failing and caused the problems.
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Dealer wanted $400 (!) to replace the switch. I ordered the part and did it myself. Still had to pay the $100 diagnostic fee to the dealer (ridiculous, given how common the problem is), but I still saved $200.
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The turn signal lights don't work, along with the windshield wipers
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Headlights stay on when vehicle is running, no highbeams, no turn signals, no dashboard dimming function. Hazards still work.
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turn signal switch went bad made fog lights stay on drained battery . removed fog light fuse was able to keep battery charged an drive till part came in easy fix!
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Turn signals wiper high beams won't work. Hazards lights will work.
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Multifunction Switch - Fog Light Switch shorted out. Intermittently turns on fog lights while in off position. Replaced switch body control module
Running lights turn on and off on their own, kills battery. Caused smoking from steering column.
When driving vibrate,also when excelerating
turn signals, wipers, high beams or simply about everything related to both multi switches on the column are not working
07/2202011 Fog lights keep flashing on and off when driving and flashing after car turned off. Needed multi functions witch replaced. Total invoice $212.15
no running lights no fog no tail lights
Spring 2012 replaced dead battery. Next week, died again. Pep Boys (Henderson, NV) said I had a Parasitic draw & referred Mays Electric specialist, who replaced a computer module ($400). Car worked fine 2 months, then battery dead again and fog lights kept coming on by themselves (cue Twilight Zone theme). Mays Electric warranty only good for 30 days so no help or refund. Called Chrysler Dealer (familiar w/problem) - said turn signal indicator handle needs replacement. Stivers Auto did it - $160. After picking it up, feet itched to death whenever I got in car. Next 4 days, 4 different shoes = same itching. Felt like "something" had gotten in carpeting &/or in felt lining under dash. Kept finding little black fiber bundles on my socks/shoes after driving. It was a long standing problem until I put 20 mule team Borax down on carpeting and that helped. Also felt like something had gotten into ac vents/system. Bizarre.
We have had a problem with the brake lights, back parking lights, back turn signals....etc.... Have been pulled over by police numerous times and had to go to station within couple days to prove they are working again, was told by numerous mechanics there is nothing to do because they cannot determine where the problem is. Do not have a solution because I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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