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Buick Lucerne motor mount

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On scheduled oil change, was told that the lower front motor mount was broken. Estimated repair: $283.54. Have always liked this car, but is this an indication of what the future holds? We have this car serviced at the dealer and always have. If there have been so many problems with motor mounts, why hasn't Buick stepped up and said something? This should be a recall item. This car is too expensive to have unscheduled repairs of this magnitude. -
I can feel it when a hit the slitest bump -
Broken motor mount at 33000 miles , repaired at dealer. -
Took for ignition recall repair, was told front motor mount was bad. I have had every problem imaginable, plus some, but they do nothing. I give up and drive it as I don't think there is much more that hasn't been repaired. Will take to outside service for repair. -
Motor mount bad. replaced at dealer $280 Engine light on. Stuck thermostat the problem - cost $290 to replace. -
Felt swaying when driving on smooth surface (not bumps) and when coming to a stop. Left side went bad nothing with right. -
Broken motor mount -
During an oil change the employees spotted the bad motor mount which had dry rotted. The T-bone was so near to shambles that had he not discovered and reported this to me, my engine would've been kissing the ground. Independent mechanic repair for $275 -
front motor mount on lucerne 2008 found during routine inspection. -
Went in for an oil change at a Buick dealer. Was told the front motor mount was defective. When the engine was accelerated motor would move. Had it fixed at the dealer. Warrantee did not cover the expense. I thought the mounts should last longer than 49,000 miles. -
Had three replaced and now another one is failing. GM need to step up to the plate. I cannot afford this. -
My car jerks when I am accelerating. The dealer diagnosed it as problems with the spark plugs when it first started at around 72,000 miles. It has gotten worse and an independent mechanic diagnosed it as a motor mount problem. -
my car have low miles i sent to the dealer say my front motor mount is damage why -
We've replaced each motor mount twice now. Why hasn't Buick recalled this car? I love the car put have put sssoooo much money into it I could have bought a new car by now! We've owned other Buicks & they were wonderful however tihs vehicle is a lemon & I will be researching the GA Lemon Law -
Front motor mounts raplaced ad 35k and 75k miles -
engine mount problem found at routine oil change, also seems to be failing transmission, and some sort of end cap -
Issue found at last oil change getting estimate now to fix -
I replaced a lower motor mount at approx 79k miles and the same motor mount again at approx 180k miles. I bought the car new and although I had 5 yr 100k drivetrain warranty the dealer claimed the motor mounts were not considered part of the drive train. Ok, I was not happy but paid the fee TWICE. The radiator is now leaking due to cracks in the plastic and received an estimate of $585 to repair. Other than normal maintenance, the car has been relatively fine. Still doing a good job at 187,500 miles. -
also 43000 miles, Transmission was jerking when I accelerated, replaced the front motor mount both times. Fixed the problem, but not the issue. -
all engine mounts have been replaced. Per dealer, not covered by warrenty -
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