2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor Recalls

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 20, 2010

The air flow from the heating and air conditioning system may fluctuate in direction or temperature. This can cause windows to fog and reduce visibility.

RepairPal Expert Overview on September 20, 2008

In the event of a crash, fuel may leak in the fuel tank area, increasing the risk of a fire.

RepairPal Expert Overview on July 7, 2008

In some cases, the key can be removed from the ignition switch with the shifter not in the park position. If this were to occur when the park brake is not applied, the vehicle could roll unexpectedly, increasing the risk of a crash.

RepairPal Expert Overview on March 17, 2008

In the event of a crash, the right front seat belt lower anchor bracket may fail, increasing the risk of personal injury.