Misfire and check engine light due to clogged EGR valve on Nissan Frontier

The EGR valve can become clogged with carbon, which causes the Check Engine Light to illuminate. This can result in moderate to severe misfires on acceleration and the EGR valve and passages will need to be cleaned.

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Average mileage: 145,283 (10,200–246,325)
Exhaust & Emissions affected: 2.4L 4 Cylinder
9 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007
27 people reported this problem
20 people shared problem details
Check engine light comes on then starts flashing. The engine sputters and misfires.
2002 Nissan Frontier135,000
#2 misfire - changed electrical stuff first, cleaned with seafoam in fuel,oil, and vacuum- no help. swapped #1 and #2 f. injectors - no help (same code). Compression ck good. Noid ck on #2 injector - cks good
2004 Nissan Frontier145,658
the engine light came on and the code is egr valve and #2 misfire.
i have 2006 Nissan Frontier some time is take long time to start, i like to know how to fix this problem.
Check engine light on and sometimes blinking not running right
2003 Nissan Frontier227,000
It's missing like it's got bad gas in tank. Not fixed yet.
2001 Nissan Frontier170,000
miss fire cylinder #3, and check engine light on
I have had nothing but problems out of my vehicle and now we are the end of warranty, by 5 months and I am told that I need a Canister Vent Control Valve and a Evaporation Control Canister for my vehicle that has been well taken care of, oil changes regularly, washed and pampered. My vehicle has 77,711 miles on it and it is going to cost me 700 dollars to get it fixed! It was just in the Nissan Dealership for the Gas Sensor that went bad in JUNE, a recall on the airbags in MAY and now this. Nissan has gone down hill and I will be sure to pass it along, that Nissan's now deals with "Throw Away" vehicles! You pay 30 grand for a vehcile to last you 5 years, really???? WOW! I am beyond upset at how Nissan handles their customers, vehicles and warranties! NEXT TIME I WILL BUY A CHEVY!
2003 Nissan Frontier175,000
check engine light came on reader says its an egr code with 2nd cyl.misfire. This happened at about 90000 miles too. nissan dealer had to take the intake apart and clean the carbon out there are ports by each cyl that have to be cleaned.
i have changed all plugs cap and rotor fuel filter to and even the cadillac converter still have the same problem not fixed yet
My check engine light came on. The dealer replaced the EGR valve and the check engine light came on again. The dealer cleaned two engine ports and installed two new gasgets. The problem was due to a carbon build up.
Check Engine Light flashing. severe misfires on acceleration. Got it to shop, changed some parts(bnk.1 cat., camshaft sensor, spark plugs, coil on Cyl.1) not too much improvement. Charged me $2000 and engine light still on, they said need engine.. Had problem with fuel level sending, not fixed yet.
1998 Nissan Frontier100,000
Missing check engine light exploded the muffler!? Any suggestions ?
2000 Nissan Frontier185,000
lost power, hard to start when cold, .multiple misfires. knock sensor codes. replaced knock sensor, replaced distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, fuel filter, fuel inj. cleaner. about to pull egr valve and check and clean. if that doesent remedy it will check evap system. also after it reaches operating temp. runs just fine with no misfiring.????
2002 Nissan Frontier172,000
We have spent three monnths noww We haven't yet fiixed this but are trying to figure out why it won't start our code say mass air flow. Replaced still won't start. Multi cylinder misfire detected I can put knock sensor high a t control unit or 1st gear to signal fault.
2000 Nissan Frontier135,547
Misfire and sputtering.......Dirty egr valve
2001 Nissan Frontier195,000
Stuttering upon acceleration. Changed valve fixed it
2001 Nissan Frontier220,000
no solution yet. any suggestions
2000 Nissan Frontier100,000
the truck is not getting any fire and it wont start for me
2001 Nissan Frontier137,000
check engine light on i change the egr for a new one an still the same problem check engine on.
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