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while starting my s320 2001 Mercedes, while inserting key there is a message chip is not recognized and car doesn't start on 3 attempts. there is also a message EPS display not working. what does this mean?
vehicle start but I try to give gas vehicle has no power and also rpm goes down when I give gas..
also my rear main seal is leaking. upper front ball joint is bad and what does it mean if they say i need hood shocks
First off this is my 7th s class w220. So I know a little bit on this era. My kid bought a 2001 s 500 97,000 with only a half of gallon. Left used car dealership and in a 1/4 mi car into limp mode. As she pulled up at...
It started when i noticed i had a leak, i looked under the car and had a puddle of hydraulic fluid. looked under the hood and the fluid was boiling out of the tank where you put the fluid. Just wondering what will ca...
Is it a hard job and what is entailed in replacing them? Should I do both sides while I am at it? Thanks
its so low its not drivable the back it fine could it be becaue the switch is not grounded ?? or what other problems could there be? air height arm? pump leak ? struts? air compressor? control arm ?
i dont have the phone and was hoping to just be able to pull a relay...can anyone help
My car is lower to the ground and it sometimes scrapes the ground.
System acts like it's muted but the muted button is not depressed. Music was playing fine while parked, key was rapidly turned off then back on and the SOS phone button depressed (no phone conencted, nothing in dock) ...
If so would love to hear about the issue and the resolve. My keyless-go has a problem with “Keycard not recognized”? it sometimes starts the engine but cuts out within a second. Doors lock and unlock all ok.
2001 s500 Just got this car week ago from engineer that told me he has own this car for 10years, i check everything (so i tough) i forgot to check if cd was working. I notice that when I press cd (radio) keeps giving ...
Sometimes they work and sometimes not. What is the problem?