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Car stops after 30 minutes and check Engine light comes on
Both front tires buried themselves in the wheel wells. I changed the pump and the relay. I bench tested the old pump and it worked fine. The car will not air up. I jumped the compressor and set the dash button to lift...
a mechanic charged me $1600 to fix my AC that was not working my SRS light that was on and now the problem is re occuring. when I start the car many times the AC will not come on,the SRS light is on,the window locks w...
High beam work driving lights work but no low beam
2 things wrong 1st my car will not go into park. the stick shift will engage every other position but stops before park. 2nd problem I'm losing coolant on every drive temperature seems high
The car performs great otherwise. The noise seemed to start when I put some regular gas in it one time even though I have used ultra premium ever since. Am I in big trouble?
It happened before more and more often, it wouldnt let the gears switch, so i would restart the car and it was normal after that, only the first one worked and now for a couple days its always like that, the mechanic ...
i just had back and front rotors and brakes replaced.
air suspension not working,replace front right shock ,check fuses,relays.front almoston tires,can not turn wheel
Air condition works sometimes and loud noise from fan possible clogged air dust filter or low on R 134
My 2003 S430 the radio is not working,when I press the power on it tells me "Sound Unavailable" and then shots off by it self.
I got an signal of "place 1 quart of oil" 2 times within the last month. Does that mean I have a leakage? Also, I keep on getting a notification of my fuel cap being open, however I close it everytime, could it be l...
I have a right side license plate light bulb that is not working. Replaced it but it seems like there is a problem in the harness that goes through the trunk. I took it to the dealership and they gave me an estimate o...
change the module..battery....everything is normal just won't crank no noise...nada!