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Car was fine no problems at all i went to the store went back in the car key wudnt turn after awhile it turned and got it started drove back home next day same problem but car wudnt go in gear if started nor wipers lo...
To release tention fo take beld off for alternator replacement
I I noticed all the recalls that were on my car in the year 2006. I am having the same problems can I take my car to the dealer to get fixed? Or is it too late?
I bought a 2002 Mercedes s430 off of a guy on Craigslist a couple months ago. I know nothing about cars and there mechanics under the hood and little else wear but I was impressed by the cars smooth drive and everythi...
no one tried to break in the vehicle the sound is not that of the alarm and the keyfi wont open the door had to use the spare to get in. now keyfi wont start car or do anything
We have looked and pulled one out but they still dont cone on