Also temperature gauge intermittent and the dash lights Flash like a short circuit

It will unlock and everything just won't open

00' s430 took in water. rear fuse box shorted. Repair was done. Fuel gauge is now not accurate. At full tank the needle is at empty w/o orange light. Drive for 65-70 miles the needle moves to full. What to do?

What can cause no power it ran good when I bought it I then it started running rough have to stop turn it off then try to drive again I changed the spark plugs and coils it still has no power and it stalls when I push down on the gas what can this be

I replaced the leaking a/c line, but the air only cools on the right passenger side. Replaced my control unit, it's still doing same thing. It wouldn't even cool at all until I erased diagnostic codes v1256, v1257 and v1269 but it wont let me erase code A1056.

Trunk lock will not stay in closed position. I can hear the latch lock but it immediately releases and unlocks the trunk.

This car doesn't start with a key, but starts up with the help of jumpers and then powers goes up and down and then looks tho stall, what could be the main issue and how much would it cost?

I can find no reference to these bolts that are obviously there. Or in my case missing and needed.