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This car doesn't start with a key, but starts up with the help of jumpers and then powers goes up and down and then looks tho stall, what could be the main issue and how much would it cost?
I can find no reference to these bolts that are obviously there. Or in my case missing and needed.
All 4 struts and pump have been replaced car still drops over night, worse when it is cold! What can be done to solve this problem??
I can here pressure release when car if cut off...also hear a rumbling sound
lights,horn ,turn signal all work. turn the key and nothing
Can I drive it to my mechanic = approx 10 miles away. kept pressing aromatic button, works for a minute then light comes back on
I was driving my 2000 mercedes s 430 when I got home I notice the rear fell complete down then I saw a bracket under the car found out thet It broke off rear end level sensor could this be the problem I hope it is can...
My fan motor is not working and I'm trying to locate the fuse for it
trans stuck in low and replaced trans valve body
I was driving yesterday and the AC was working in the morning but when I went to go home in the afternoon the AC suddenly stopped blowing air. What can I do to get it working again???