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after waiting for it to cool off about 30 minutes to an hour it turns back on, not sure what is the issue has anyone else had this issue ?
Mercedes-Benz local dealership suggests that the replacement of pads, rotors, sensors and calipers must be done by the dealership due to the specialty tools and mechanics of the brake system. Is this necessarily true...
Steering is so stiff I cannot drive. I need to add power steering fluid to see if that is the problem
Rough idle and light tapping noise
fan stop blowing on ac.
ac on but no air blows out, first the climate control button got stuck. kept messing with it freed itself but air stopped working
what can go bad after I tried to drive this s420 mercedes with degraded engine wires meaning wires got too old and got broken touching each other car started shaking back firing then stop running we change the harness...
car stop running after I tried to drive it in the garage I just change the harness wires and the car still don't want to start n still back firing need advice please thx
car started miss firing and stop running put a new harness but the car don't want to start need advice please thx
My car does not change the airflow from off of the defrost to the floor or any other position. Do you know what could be keeping this from happening.
Do the individual locks have to be programmed to respond?