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It was not working even before the speedometer stopped working.
The 10 amp fuse that is located on the passenger side under the hood is good. Is there on other fuse or relay somewhere that could be bad?
The glass broke and i've removed the interior panel and there's alot going on to get to the glass itself. HELP!
harness from the manufacture how do I find out if Mercedes Benz will back their reputation and replace the electrical harness... I've heard some S420's have caught on fire from this problem... and have caused accident...
car started running hot so i took it a friend . he said the pump was not functioning properly
My lower ball joint broke driver side fender needs to be replaced as well as the front bumper. Ever sence the accident my speedometer dont work my mpg gage and my trip gage dont work any advice thanks
radiator blew out upper right side need to replace where to get new radiator
The SRS light stays on just for a few minutes then it goes out. Thanks for the previous answer to my question.
The light stays on for a little while after every start.
I'd like to hook up a diagnostic system to get codes and troubleshoot why my engine, abs light is on, and also the speed odometer doesn't work
stopped working on 12/24/. can't drive seat too close to dash.
I am trying to find and distinguish between the two. Thank you.
Is it the horn pads on the steering wheel or could it be the actual horns itself? Please advise soonest.