How much to replace all four shocks on 1996 Mercedes s320 swb.

Front right squeaking. Drives great. Bushing? Joints? Tie rods? Shocks? Struts?

How to fix? Vacuum seal double pain passenger window compromised

I willl drive for 10 minutes then tha car starts to overheat help me please

power locks and power trunk will not work

Also the panel lights come on randomly.

This happens while I am driving, but also when the car is in park. I actually locked myself out of the car and had to wait for it to unlock itself! I have a key lock not a remote.
Thank you in advance for your help.

I have a 96 benz e320 and my electrical lume got burnt up i wanted to relace it how much do it cost on my drivers side

From cold engine runs on all 6 cyls, but once warm it mis-fires on 2 cylinders. Have replaced coils, and HT leads. What next?

Transmission repair sometimes involves dismanteling the whole transmission and the cost may be more than mmthe car is worth. What is the range of possible repair costs?

i have the timing belt off but the screw in the tensioner wont come loose. it has no marks on it or any way to take it out. is there a way?