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We have replaced the entire steering column and the ignition switch, to no avail.
with auto on or any other switchs are on. i have cold air coming out on the left side and rear of car.i have heat coming out on the right side of the car.there are no codes
Would like to make sure I get the right oil for the oil change
When air recirculator is on it blocks air flow. Just got AC recharged,regulator installed, and new filter. He said he found some leaks as well.
I replaced a blown head gasket,fuel is going to the fuel rack, good pressure but the injectors arent firing fuel to the cylinders
How do you change the rear brake pads for my 1995 Mercedes S320. The rotor is bad but I'm still putting the brakes on cause I cant afford to get a new rotor
where is the fuel pump located on a 1995 s320 benz, if it is not in the tank
I'm trying to repair a tear in the front bumper of an s320 and I need to remove it.
I just bought a clean 260K. 1995 S320 and was wondering if I could use regular gas rather than premium?. Will that be harmful to the engine? Thanks.
There is a consistent rumbling sound coming from under my car. The mechanic seems to think it is a transmission problem. Does this sound reasonable?
I'm doing an oil change on my car and I wanted to know where the oil filter is located?
reverse dosent work hesitating