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car had multiple codes, and issue w/ suspension, and a steering angle sensor issue, got all those cleared up, now cant get rid of these lean codes.
problem sounded as if the battery was not charged fully. replaced with new battery, it still does it, but with the new battery it will start usually after removing key and trying again.
dealer says he went through the oil pan to replace the valve body and has notice that a bolt that holds the valve body in place is broken and he has to charge 1700 to replace the bolt
my trunk is not closing. it not catching the peice to close. it stays open. how do i fix it
it finally starts. has gone dead a couple of times at red light
I had problem with my battery, turning the car off and playing music for even a second will kill my battery. I have sudden battery issues and had to jump start the vehicle about 4times recently. I read somewhere ...
hello i need wheel hub torque specs
When I make turns there is a knocking that I can feel in the floor board.