I have the brake light repair kit already installed and still not working I replaced the turn signal bulb socket and light bulb as well.

Replace Sam module 1 month ago n rear windows will not go down n head lamps will not work

Recently purchased 2006 ml500 with low miles. Rear suspension seams to "bounce" 3-4 times after every bump in the road.

Has lots of V-8 punch at cold startup, then it is slow to respond to accelerator after warmup.

The rearview auto dimming mirror (and driver side mirror) dims randomly. The sun is shinning and the mirrors dim.

I parked and it wouldn't start up again. someone came to help me and pulled out the spark plug and it started up. I drove it again without any problems for two weeks. Now two days ago I parked it and cut off the engine. Trid to restart it again and it wont start. Could it be the crank shift if im not getting a message?

No leaks, level full, belt good. Steering is difficult at idle RMP -- difficult maneuvering in driveway/parking but returns to normal after RPMs exceed 1000, or car is at running temperature. Is it just air in PS system or bad PS pump? If it's air, can I get it out or is a PS pump replacement inevitable?

With almost 200k miles on odo, besides this and one other thing, car runs great. Car was loaded to capacity, or possibly over capacity, on several occasions. My best guess is that the shock absorbers need replaced, but wanted to make sure before I dish out 800$ on replacements.

pic of car with arrow pointing up came on stating go to workshop then air support went out of the rear dropping rear to ground with no support. Is there a regulatory in back? What would cause it to drop.

they stay on all the time

just started to come on last night

I own a 2006 ML500 with 81K miles. From time to time suddenly the transmission stuck to a geer (I don't know which one, sometimes geer 2, sometimes geer 4 and sometimes geer 1) and do not shift at all. I stop and put it into P, then it will not shift at all. BUT as soon as I shutoff the engine then start it up again, the transmission shifts fine and back to normal for at least a month or so then it happens again.
One day it happens after I gone over a bad bump on the road.
One shop told me it is related to the brain controller of the transmission which cost more than $2K as part only!!! well, if it is electronic problem then how come it goes and comeback from time to time??? any thoughts???