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if its cold starter stays ingaged till switch is turned off and wont start..once it does start it stalls continuesly...it pulled code for crankshift position senser..I changed it..but problem is getting worse and stil...
the rear left..driver side turn signal will not work...what can the problem possibly be?
leaking power steering rack, technician ask to change the rack & pinion. what is the cost on that.
Why when I put the car on Drive, it stays not only in Neutraul for about 10 seconds then switch to drive. what is the cause?
It started after a collision that damaged my rear bumper, I'm wondering if this could have something to do with it. I'm auto-illiterate so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Problem started Dec. 20, 2012. already replaced power steering pump.
the filter is about 10" x 10", my guess is thats its under the glove box.
It don't always happen but when I does it putters before it accellerate. The Ai Mass Flow filter has been changed 2X's. I'm starting to think its a fuel problem but unsure
Dash board shows high oil blinking after oil change.
There is a whole in the pipe which allows the SL500 to rise or lower. Please tell me what I have to do and the name part to be replace.
When I am refuellig the ml500 the gas is coming back at me as if there is air in the gas tank pushing the gas back out at me. I tried pumping the gas slowly and the result is the same.
while driving on the freeway the engine just cut off pull over to park try to restart the car.it want to start but dont want to turn over
when fueling my 2005 ml500 fuel pump keeps clicking off.tryed outher gas stations same thing doesn't matter slow or fast just keeps clicking off checked fuel line doesn't seem to be kinked.???????
I have whirring sound when wheel turns about a year ago. They "fixed" it and now it is recurring. Apparently it is the steering rack. I have less than 15,000 miles on my car. Is this a manufacturer's problem?
I just bought a pre-owned 2005 ML500. When I clicked the keyfab to open the door, none of the interior door lights went on. When I opened the door and tried to manually turn the inside lights on, they didn't go on, ...