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Does anyone know a less expensive shop?
From last week all of a sudden radio stays on (I think ignition also stays on)after shutting engine. I am using keyless on/off button to turn on or off car. If I use key then it shuts off.
We are thinking about purchasing this 2009 MB ML 350, with 81,000 miles. We believe it is due for the B service. Are these cars truly dependable after 100,000 miles?! Good purchase? Feedback, please!
service D is due,what items to be changed
What is included in maintenance B.
How often should this maintenance occur?
How to reset brake wear light
Mercedes Benz of North Olmsted is telling me that service C will cost me about $400 some, and the agent I called to find out what would be included did not give me a clear answer. Could you help with that and give me ...